Remakes of Banjo - Kazooie, Banjo - Tooie, and A New Banjo - Kazooie Game!

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The original plan that Rare had for Nuts and Bolts was to be a remake of the original game, but they thought that was a bad idea. They went with the vehicle gimmick instead. I have always been a big fan of the series, and I think Nuts and Bolts is a huge missed opportunity. Imagine remakes of Banjo - Kazooie and Banjo - Tooie. They could be amazing! And speaking of amazing, what about a new Banjo - Kazooie game? That could be even better. Also, Rare needs to make it where Nuts and Bolts has nothing to do with these games. No blocky characters, no cars, no racing! "All we got to do is show that we care, and maybe we will here about this from Rare!" - Grunty