Help us get Quorn nuggets on the McDonalds menu!

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There is only one decent veggie option at McDonalds, which is the veggie burger, (unless you want to sit down to a bowl of lettuce). However, Quorn nuggets are fantastic and us veggies would love to see them on the McDonalds menu! We want to see a 20 piece Quorn nugget box, so we can feel like part of the group when we are out with our friends! Right?

Introducing Quorn nuggets to the McDonalds menu could:

  •  provide a veggie alternative, therefore gaining customers
  • encourage a lower amount of meat consumption (possibly reducing carbon emissions, bettering our planet)
  • possibly have a significant impact of the popularity of the resturaunt with us veggies!
  • (also i just really like quorn nuggets n i promise i will buy them off u mcdonalds im just hungry okay)