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LTFRB-PLS. Work on ineffective Taxi svcs & other public transpo; Be fair to Grab and Uber

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I noticed that The LTFRB is being unfair to Grab and Uber. I am questioning why despite all the complaints against the regular taxi services, they are not doing anything about it. Why is LTFRB quiet about the rape and murder cases committed by some taxi drivers? Why is LTFRB quiet about the so called "contrata system" committed by taxi drivers. Why does LTFRB not even regulate the kind of taxis driven on the road  - taxis dilapidated endangering the lives of it's passengers. Why isn't LTFRB regulating the 24 hour system of taxi drivers - a human can only be awake for a number of hours as this again can endanger the lives of its passengers. I believe this is why a number of drivers take drugs.

Ever since I started using Grab and Uber, I vowed never to take the taxi again. I used to travel via taxi for a good 10 years. For the same price, I am ensured that I get home safely with either GRAB or UBER. When I used to take the taxi before, I would always pray that nothing would be sprayed on the taxi A/C or that the driver would not be high on drugs? Sometimes I would pray that I do not get to ride a taxi whose driver is on 24 hour shift. I have ridden in a few taxis whereby the drivers are on 24 hour shift and they either fall asleep while driving or simply be too reckless. Even if you report them to the LTFRB number or it's owner, nothing would happen. So why even try to manipulate GRAB or UBER? These apps are way much better than LTFRB's so called regulatory board. These apps at least have a system wherein passengers can rate the driver. At least they suspend the drivers if the ratings are bad. Someone even told me that maybe "may malaking lagay daw kay di magawang iregulate ang taxis"? I don't know, you tell me. Grab and Uber are options for travel consumers. I guess they are system works that's why a lot of people use them. LTFRB, fix the system for taxis and make it safe for passengers to ride taxis again, Do not magnify the lapses of GRAB and UBER too much. Mas madaming kasalanan ang mga Taxi. Do not make us think that  they rumor of "lagay" is true. May bago nanaman kayong "imbento" about Many Uber, Grab partners are colorum drivers. Another way to discredit the two Apps. 

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