Install Pedestrian Crosswalk Lights and Traffic Cameras at Downtown LR Intersections

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Downtown is the crown jewel of Little Rock. From the River Market to Rock Street, from SoMa to the Simmons Tower, the downtown area has undergone a revitalization. Far too often, however, the actions of the drivers in the downtown area threaten the safety of residents and visitors alike who attempt to enjoy the high walkability of the area. 

As this petition is being written, a young mother lies in the hospital due to the careless actions of a driver who was too distracted and too hurried to stop as a traffic light turned red. (UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that I share the young mother has passed away due to the injuries sustained in the collision. She was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for her turn to cross the street.) It is important to note that central Arkansas's premier charter school, eStem, is located downtown and the young children attending eStem are often seen walking to and from the campus.

Other cities in Arkansas that thrive on foot traffic have installed flashing lights designating pedestrian crosswalks to grab the attention of drivers when pedestrians enter the roadway. Across our country, from large cities to small towns, mayors have approved the installation of traffic cameras to discourage speeding through intersections or running red lights. Yet somehow Little Rock has none of these items which not only protect individuals but also create a more welcoming environment for pedestrians.

The time to act is now. It is not appropriate to wait for another tragic accident. It is not appropriate to continue to allow those who threaten the safety of our fellow Little Rock residents and visitors to whip through intersections. No more t-bone accidents. No more pedestrians run over while in a cross walk or waiting patiently on the sidewalk for the light to change.

Mayor Stodola, we demand that you take action... to protect our neighbors, our coworkers, and our families. 

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