Make silent fireworks Law to reduce anxiety in animals including wildlife.

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Following a recent article I saw where a small town in Italy made silent fireworks Law, I thought wow, we should do that here. Every year our animals are subjected to firework noise which can cause extreme anxiety. In some cases animals have been injured or killed on the road in a bid to flee from the awful noises created by fireworks. I have witnessed normally confident dogs reduced to quivering wrecks who will try anything to escape the relentless din of fireworks. The numbers of dead animals on the roads increases at this time of year & the vets are increasingly treating both domestic & wild animals for firework related injuries. I would also like to see fireworks only being sold at the appropriate time of year. You don’t see Christmas trees in the shops in the summer & yet fireworks are on display & available for purchase long before November 5th prolonging the unnecessary anxiety they cause. 

Ideally I would like to see them banned from public sale all together & only available to organised events where they are time limited.

If you feel that fireworks are nothing more than a noise nuisance & are fed up with trying to keep your animals safe & stress free then please support this petition.

Thank You