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Introduce a Controlled Parking Zone for the Stanthorpe Triangle area

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Parking in the Stanthorpe Triangle ( Bournevale Road, Stanthorpe Road, Gleneldon Road, AshlakeRoad, and Shrubbery Road) ("Triangle") is out of control and will only get worse without a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). We ask Lambeth Council to introduce a CPZ for the Triangle.

With population density in the Streatham and surrounding areas increasing we are seeing a lack of available parking for the residents of the Triangle and an increase in inconsiderate drivers. A CPZ will not only increase available space for residents but will improve and tidy up the area in which we live.

Reasons why we have a parking problem:

  • The Triangle is only 270m or a 3 minute walk away from Streatham train station attracting commuters to drive to the area and leave their cars parked all day.
  • The Triangle leads directly onto Streatham high road which is considered a major town centre within Lambeth. This attracts both employees and customers of local businesses to park in the area.
  • The Triangle has three major places of worship within a 120m distance attracting there congregations to park in the area.

The primary benefit of a CPZ will be to prevent people from outside of the Triangle being able to park their cars for prolonged periods. A limited time restriction however does not prevent Residents enjoying visits from friends and family nor does it prevent workman carrying out works within the Triangle.

A CPZ will also make the area more pleasant to live. Secondary benefits will include:

  • Reduce abandoned/damaged cars left for months blighting the area. currently counting 6 on Bournevale road, and 8 on stanthorpe road.
  • Reduce traffic prowling, endlessly driving around looking for spaces, which helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution at rush hour.
  • Reduce the amount of litter left by shoppers and fast food customers. Residents have lost count at the number of fast food customers they have witnessed eating in their cars then leaving the leftovers/packaging on the street – which in turn impacts the ;litter detritus in the area and the Council budget for litter picking.
  • Increased traffic warden monitoring will reduce incidents of inconsiderate and selfish drivers, parking on junction corners, or across dropped curbs used for pedestrian or driveways.

Streatham is the only major town centre in Lambeth which does not provide a CPZ for the streets that lead onto its main high road. We ask Lambeth Council to take action and introduce a CPZ In the Triangle as a matter of urgency.

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