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Residence Hall Policy

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   This past summer at Lamar University, additional security card readers were incorporated into the residence halls. Although this can be a wonderful system, there are what students have shared to be many flaws in this system which must be fixed. 

   We are students yes, however we are adults first, and we should be entrusted with the respect to make adult decisions. With this, I am stating on behalf of the residence student body on the policy that has been recently implemented. This policy is as follows:

           - Students who live in one residence hall may not check into another residence hall after 11 pm.

   This policy is almost unreasonable in the aspect of attempting to govern adults who live on campus and can even long-term result in students living-off campus and the university losing money that could have been salvaged.

          - Students who check into a residence hall who they do not live in, must sign in as a guest and must leave the residence hall at 2:00 am, just as an off campus guest would. 

   This forces students to be treated as guests on their own campus, where they reside, study, and have leisure time, who has the authority to judge where and when we spend these times with friends, peers and other students. 

   Nonetheless, it is easily seen how this system and policies can help the residents, yet it should just as simply be seen how it can also hurt students. Many residents have already had concerns and complaints on issues such as late-night study sessions, interacting with peers, and merely meeting up for leisure time. 

   With these comments, I strongly urge the Residence Hall Association to take charge and to encourage our university to change this policy for the sake of the students and the university. Besides, we must remember that living on-campus here at Lamar is a home away from home for students from near and far, from Texas and all over the world. Lamar is a vast family that binds students together in many ways, let us not let this aspect be ruined long-term at our illustrious university, Lamar University. 

Thank you!


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