Buy fruit and veggies that are naturally blemished and not perfect!

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Please support this petition if you don't give a damn that your apple a day may have a small blemish.

Naturally blemished fruit and veggies are thrown out because they are not perfect. Most of these taste brilliant, they may just have a small mark on them sometimes due to hailstones or sunburn. The impact this has on our Farmers is devastating, the cause is totally out of their control, it also adds to the enormous amount of Food Waste in the World. Do you really care if your apple has a little lump on it, especially if it tastes great and is locally grown?
Please help me spread the word that imperfect fruit and veggies are OK! .. and that supermarkets and retailers should stock them so we can have a choice about what we put in our shopping trolley and who we will support is super important for so many reasons. It is wasteful and the reality is not a lot of things in life are perfect!