#LetThemFlowFreely: Provide Free Feminine Hygiene Products For B.C. Low- Income People

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You don't carry your own soap and toilet paper with you. It is a freely provided necessity in almost every public and private location. Yet, for those who have periods, it is an added cost to constantly have to purchase and carry your own feminine hygiene products. 

For low-income menstruating people across the country, it is a constant battle to be able to able to afford these products. The cost associated with periods can range from feminine hygiene products to over the counter medication to prescription painkillers.  By removing the cost of feminine hygiene from the equation it reduces the burden.

We call on the government of British Columbia to take a small step forward in a prolonged battle towards period equality to provide these products for low-income menstruating people. This is a public health issue. It is unsanitary and a health problem that those with periods have to resort to unhygienic means to deal with a natural bodily process. This can lead to further health problems including fungal infections, Reproductive Tract Infection and Urinary Tract Infection. In some cases, unhygienic means of dealing with periods also leave people vulnerable to infertility.

A recent study done by Plan Canada of 2000 menstruating women, it found that one-third of those under 25 have struggled to afford hygiene products. This is not an isolated issue, but rather a widespread problem that all forms of government and leadership can act to address.

This is a "feminist, working-class, and poverty issue." To work towards an equal future, menstruation must not be considered taboo or an encumbrance. By providing these products for free, it is a massive step forward for the position of women in our society.  Let them flow freely without hesitation.