Stop Insurers from discriminating against people with Huntington's disease

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Right now, the Westminster Government and the Association of British Insurers are writing a new code on the use of genetic testing information. In it Huntington's disease is the ONLY genetic condition for which insurers are allowed to ask for genetic test information, if the application is for more than £500,000. There are 6,000 genetic conditions, many severe, and many life limiting, yet Huntington's Disease has been singled out for different treatment.

Insurers argue they must protect themselves from the risk of individuals with a genetic risk for HD taking a predictive test and obtaining high levels of insurance if they receive an adverse result. WE SAY THEIR POLICY IS COMPOUNDING THE STIGMA THAT SURROUNDS HUNTINGTON'S DISEASE, PUTS A DISPROPORTIONATE FOCUS ON ONE CONDITION, AND IS GROSSLY UNFAIR.

Help us persuade the Government and the Association of British Insurer and their policy is wrong! Sign the petition.