Let’s show Reading For Pleasure on National Media Outlets!

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If children read for pleasure this can hugely improve their chances in life. This petition is about using prime time media programmes and children’s tv to encourage this. 

We’d like to see reading shown as an everyday, normal activity in soap operas. This could be young extras being read to or reading alone. It could be young characters doing the same. This would act as ‘product placement’ for the act of reading, normalising it and making real. Too many children and families don’t see reading role models. 

We’d like CBBC to use the model of CBeebies  Storytime or a Jackonory style slot to include books as a daily part of the line up. 

We’d like to see shows like ‘The One Show’ or ‘This Morning’ include book recommendations to families. This could be monthly in the first instance. It should not be for celebrity authors or publishers with the biggest money pot, but be a broad range of books and authors. We would see this working best with a children’s librarian, or book blogger as the book selector each month. 

We’d like to see print media step up their children’s book reviews. Children’s books currently represent around 25% of book sales, yet children’s books only make up around 3% of newspaper book reviews. 

So if you want to help children’s literacy levels in this country, please sign our petition. 

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