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Children can't consent!

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People of the United States,

I'm presenting this petition on behalf of the voiceless,  countless number of children who will be preyed upon and destroyed by the things that , sadly are being condoned in this country. There is alot of talk within the intranet or  Www. With #pedosexual going around. I as an American Citizen and as a mother am outraged! THESE pedophiles are trying to justify thier "love" for children. They have stated that pedophilia is a gender and their love for molesting and raping children is justified by thier "rights"!!  I am horrified to also see them added to the "LGBTQ COMMUNITY.

THESE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED! It is one thing for consenting adults to be engaging in relationships with same sex/trans ect...

Where, will this end!! If a pedophile can knowingly  abuse a child in this country, but you can go to prison  for using/buying/distributing a plant, aka marijuana; there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this country!

Please help us save our children!! Children cannot consent, nor do they even have the proper maturity to comprehend sex. Please  do NOT let this become a thing! This country is in utter turmoil, there are too many things that are legal to do in this society  that have no place anywhere!!!

As an adult, a mother,  an American Citizen I say please, save our children before they are permantly ruined. They will ultimately end up with mental illness problems just as their predators have! Do not allow this horrendous act to become legal, please tell our Country you see that people are I'll! Do not allow sexual abuse, rape and molestation become part of the " Norm" in this Country! As a citizen of this country I can say this will create a society of people who Will take the law into their own hands, Help Stop this before it Begins!! Please have FBI start scanning and knocking down the doors of these disgusting immoral child rapists!!

Pedophilia is NOT A RIGHT!! CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT, EVER!!!! No to Pedophiles, NO to pedosexual, not Now, not Ever!!!!

If we lose this battle, we lose everything , there is no room for this in our country or anywhere else  for that matter! If we don't take a stand against this atrocious matter immediately,  then we might as well just say that Anything Goes in this Country, and expect extreme  violence will ensue... We have to avoid this at all costs!

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