Netflix!! We Are Against You Censoring Farrakhan!!

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August 1,2018 Netflix was contractually scheduled to premiere the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan music documentary "My Life Journey Through Music", which would've shown the leader in a different light. Many people from around the world was in high anticipation to view this documentary, as well as many subscribed and renewed their subscription with Netflix. We the people that support the convener of the Million Man March demand that Netflix premiere "My Life Journey Through Music." 

Netflix should NOT censor The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan as they have hundreds of films on Hilter, KKK, serial killers and homophobia. Netflix aka Netrix shouldn't play games with the first amendment of "freedom of speech" 

On the Nation of Islam website they made an official statement on this matter. As a concerned citizen of our Amendent rights the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan should have every right to present his voice and music on every media platform, including Netflix. 

Here is the Nation of Islam official statement 

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