Island wide first time buyers scheme petition

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

This petition is to highlight the desperate need for affordable first time buyer schemes on the Island. 

With the devastating news that the Ville Du Manoir scheme had been rejected, we need signatures to show that there is a need for these schemes not just in St. Peter but island wide. With the planning department rejecting the St. Peter’s scheme what is to say that they will reject others in the future as most parishes would like a first time scheme up and running in the next year or so.

As the house prices continue to rise it is becoming more and more difficult to buy a property on the island especially one that is affordable. These schemes are exactly what is needed on this island so the next generation have something to hold on to a safety net and a place to call home.

We need to make everyone aware of the need for this so with that in mind please sign this as the more signatures we get the more the planning department and states will have to take notice. Please share this with friends and family and let’s make them notice that we are not data or statistics but real people.

Thank you