Abolish Discriminative driving laws against L Drivers in Ireland.

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Attention All L Plate Drivers,

Driving is a necessity, NOT a luxury.

Our Irish Government, specifically Shane Ross The Minister of transport Campaigned for and passed a law banning L Drivers off the roads. To summaries this means :

L Drivers cannot Drive unaccompanied.
Cars are liable to be seized 
If your car is seized you have to pay a hefty fine 
If the fines are not paid, the alternative is prison time. 
Penalty points on your liscence 
A possible ban off the roads

This law discriminates against all who are simply trying to:

Learn how to drive 
Get to work 
Get yourself/kids/family to Hospital appointments 
Get to college/School 

When this law was brought in, The working class people in this country living in rural areas/towns were not considered.

Many people are struggling to now afford to pay the bills/buy messages/attend Work & College which means - their livelihood & future is being robbed from them. 

On top of this - The waiting times to even get a practical test is atrocious in some areas, in many cases people are waiting 6months-1Year for a test. 

We are calling for an alternative solution to this law such as: 

Completing Your 12 Required lessons, getting your instructor to sign a document of some kind saying you can drive alone up to your practical test date in order to keep your job and sustain your quality of living. (if instructor feels you need more lessons, then more lessons can be gotten until the instructor sees fit to sign off on your ability to drive alone) 

This is just one of many alternatives to this law, and it would benefit everyone. This discrimination against L Plate Drivers cannot go on, especially When it affects people’s ability to live securely. 

Driving is a necessity and NOT a luxury.