Remove unnecessary plastic from Anaesthetic Facemasks

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Save 41 million balloons of carbon dioxide and almost 6 tonnes of useless plastic a year!

Every facemask from Intersurgical comes with a small plastic ring. Nowadays these are never used and thrown away with every anaesthetic. 

Each year, the National Health Service has nearly 3 million general anaesthetics requiring these facemasks, but never the small plastic ring.

Each ring weighs approximately 2 grams, producing a waste of nearly 6 tonnes of plastic (5745 kg) a year. Disposal of this plastic through normal NHS waste pathways produces upto 3 kg of carbon dioxide per kg of plastic, producing an estimated 17,235 kg of carbon dioxide each year.  This is equivalent to about 41 million balloons of carbon dioxide each year.

If companies that produce Anaesthetic facemasks, like Intersurgical, stop producing this plastic it will save throwing this plastic away, it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and could save the NHS money on buying slightly cheaper facemasks.