STOP Disparaging Universities in Imperial Mnight Dikir Barat Performance

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We are starting this petition to make a stand against Imperial College Union Malaysian Society’s ‘tradition’ of incorporating disparaging and insulting comments against other (Malaysian Societies in) Universities, which include but are not limited to the Universities of Nottingham, Manchester, Durham, Bath, Warwick, and Cardiff in their Malaysian Night (MNight) Dikir Barat performance. It is our understanding that this is a ‘tradition’ to be followed during the dikir barat as the previous years have also seen such comments surface on stage. Excerpts of such discourteous comments can be seen below (taken from 2018’s Imperial College MNight: Noir):

"Hey Manchester, D'you want our Masters? Sorry but you need more As'!"
"Cardiff has rain, but no water drain, All the water is in their brain, They're so mundane, I just want them to be slain,"
[Full lyrics can be found below with amendment* added to lyrics on 13th March 2018, 2:10a.m.]



We find such comments derogatory and disrespectful. We acknowledge that some may view this as 'good fun'. However, we fail to see how insulting other people/Malaysian Societies is ‘good fun’. Instead, it hurts to have our Universities disparaged in such a slanderous manner. This is especially since it undermines the hard work and effort other Malaysians put in their academics. This is even more demeaning when one considers that Imperial MNight has little positive basis for such lyrics, having never been able to experience what it is like as a student in another University.

Following that, it is unnecessary and redundant for Imperial College Union Malaysian Society to bring other Universities down for the sake of 'entertainment' and to enhance their production. This is as their MNight is already good. Imperial College Union Malaysian Society’s MNight has always been regarded as one of the best in the United Kingdom along with a few other prominent universities. As fellow Malaysians, who also work hard for our respective MNights, we truly respect their efforts in making this year’s Malaysian Night better than ever. However, it is a shame that such efforts also include disparaging and insulting comments in their production for the sake of 'good fun'.

These comments are also shameful in itself. Some Malaysian students – ourselves included – take the view that MNight in its essence is an event which brings Malaysian students together to celebrate and promote Malaysian culture to the local community, rather than a mere opportunity to showcase Malaysian talents at a university-level. As such, we find that the incorporation of such negative comments give the impression that such activity is akin to Malaysian culture. This is not true and not reflective of what Malaysia is or what Malaysian culture is.


We want to encourage future Imperial College Union Malaysian Society’s executive committees to refrain from making such comments in their production.

UPDATE : We have decided to not continue with the initiatives stated below. Please take a look at the latest update on our reasons and justifications for doing so. 

Upon reaching 500 signatures, this petition will be presented as an open letter to the current (and future) executive committees of Imperial College Union Malaysian Society to consider as constructive criticism. 

Following their response (or lack thereof), action that will also be considered, subject to further change, include:

Presenting this petition as a public motion during the upcoming United Kingdom and Eire (Ireland) Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC) Ordinary General Meeting on 26th March 2018 or during their Annual General Meeting 2018 held early in the 2018/2019 academic year. The motion mandates UKEC to issue a statement against such comments. We trust that the Supreme Councillors – made up of Presidents and Deputy Presidents/other representatives of Malaysian Societies and non-regional societies – will view this matter rationally and pass the motion. 

Submitting this petition as a complaint to the Imperial College Union for consideration. This is our last resort and we hope that it will not come to this.


The current and future Imperial College Union Malaysian Society should be made aware that such activity is disrespectful to other Malaysian students who do not study in Imperial College London. We would all enjoy Imperial College Union MNight equally if not more in the future if such activity is exempted from the show. 

We have heard informally that we are not the first few people who hold such views about the dikir barat performance. We also understand that if no one speaks up, it is likely to be taken as an OK signal, thereby allowing such activity to continue. Such activity is unacceptable. Therefore, we humbly plead for you to sign this petition if you also feel strongly about the matter at hand. Together, let our voices stand strong.


Yours sincerely,

Nelynn Ng, Danial Firdaus & Sheralyn Yusof
Concerned Malaysian Students in Cardiff & Nottingham University.




We're from Imperial, we're from Imperial.We are from Imperial, we're the best, best, best baby.

We are from Imperial, we're the best, best, best baby.

Yo, look at us in our faces

Tell me that you're not; just jealous of this place.

DO you think we should invite them to our party?

Nah, they come from outer space!

And we ace those papers, check our LinkedIn,

We fill them up; with our skillz and gainz.

But what we love, is dissing you, Heck, you know it is true!

You can buy us Burger Lobsters, and deny-ny-ny, ny-ny-ny, deny-ny.

But you know that we're too good so goodbye-by-bye, bye-bye-bye.

Hey Manchester, 

D'you want our Masters?

Sorry but you need more As'!

Oh Nottingham, and also Durham, 

How do you survive the boredom up there!

People from Bath, I know it's so rough,

Being Imperial student's laugh,

Hey hey cheer up,

You get to clean up,

With a dip at your Roman Bath.

We're from Imperial, we're from Imperial,

We are from Imperial, we're the best, best, best baby.

Hey Queen Mary n' also Kings, 

Ya'll be try hards, keep tryin', baby, ooh

Warwick don't have a single clue,

Just be glad we remember you.

LSE they always chill and yet they cry-cry-cry, cry-cry-cry, cry-cry,

They have 3 lectures a week; yet they still sigh-sigh-sigh, sigh-sigh-sigh (stop)

UCL midges,

Can't touch Imperial,

But they think they're from Oxbridge?

Our insurance? Actually our clearance,

We really think they need some assurance,

Cardiff has rain, but no water drain, 

All the water is in their brain,

They're so mundane,

Knowing them is a pain,

I just want them to be slain,

Come on, say

We're from Imperial, we're from Imperial.

We are from Imperial, we're the best, best, best baby. (x2)

Hey, everyone (drums only)

*Hey everyone, We love you so much, We didn't mean what we said,

We didn't mean what we said, Don't be salty, thank you for riding

Don't be salty, thank you for riding.

On our roller coaster of crazy fun.* [Amended]

We made you spin, just like a wonton (everyone comes in)

(everyone comes in)

Bragging that we're number one, 

But we still hope that you've enjoyed this

Cause of you this has been lit. 


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