NON-DEPORTATION of HOMOPHOBIC Pastor Logan Robertson from Australia..."

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STOP THE DEPORTATION of Pastor Logan Robertson

Please stop the ridiculous witch hunt for the Deportation of Pastor Logan Robertson of Queensland, as he has been wrongly discriminated against simply for having an open opinion in expressing his right to Freedom of Speech in this country.

He is accused of islamophobia for simply asking questions concerning the ideology. He is accused of hating Muslims which he has publicly denied. He is accused of inciting hatred and violence, because he turned up at a public mosque to condemn its teachings peacefully and he is accused of breaking the law of political correctness where it seems it’s illegal to speak the truth or to ask for it!

There is a witch hunt out for Pastor Robertson that is biased by those who are offended he would dare to assert these rights. It is also because he is a man of God, and as such he will confront anything that goes against Christian beliefs. He has done nothing wrong and because he has committed no crime, there is no case for deportation! 

We would like others to sign this petition in support of Pastor Robertson and protect our right to freedom of thought and speech. This country prides itself on defending our country and that includes those who will stand up for our values. Pastor Robertson is one man who is doing just that so show you support him by signing this petition to...KEEP HIM HERE!

Dont let this fight be one sided, assert your rights and please sign