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Repeal the refugee ban

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Dear Illinois Senator,                           

We are writing about refugees. We think Refugees should be able to come into our county. We would like to make a petition for people to join our side to repeal the refugee ban! The ban that President Trump made hasn’t done any good for our country. We think that if this ban gets repealed it will help us all. In the past 40 years only 3 people have been killed because of crime act from refugees. That is less death than the crime rate of the weekend in the Southside of Chicago. There’s more crimes made by americans then refugees.  This shows that there is no point of the refugee ban.

The refugee crisis is a very recent problem. People are leaving their countries for their own safety. There has been bombs day after day in certain spots of syria because they are fighting in a big civil war. People have grown for this to be their everyday lives and people are sick of not knowing if they will be alive tomorrow. So people are now trying to find safety in new places and countries which makes them refugees. Since the refugees are coming from the middle eastern areas which one of the religions is muslim. There has been recent acts of crimes of Isis a terrorist group. People are becoming islamophobic so that's why the refugee ban has been placed.

The refugee ban has done more harm than good. It has stopped us from getting more people to help us and it is making them very sad. Christians were treated badly but that does not mean that we need to ban refugees from coming here.   The recent ban is making it hard hard for them to live because the ban is keeping them in places they can’t live or making them live out in nowhere or even in freezing. On January 27 president Trump made a refugee ban including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Sudan,  from entering the United States for 90 days. They have been bombed and they have been injured making them not be able to come into our country and having to be left behind. They need a home and they can’t get one with the recent ban. Trump talks about christians and their religion and how it was treated badly. I don’t think he knows that muslims is a religion. He needs to know that because now their religion is being treated very badly. Keeping them out of a place that they want to see and not even knowing that very few of them have been bad people and killed less than people are killed in downtown chicago.

The immigration ban hasn’t done any good to the United States. Instead it is causing more harm than good. There has been many protests against this immigration ban. It’s not even helping anyone. The immigration should definitely be repealed. People have gotten more mad than happy after this ban was made. It has caused many fights in our country. President Trump hasn’t showed at all that this ban is going to do any good to the United States. There is much more crimes made by American citizens then muslim citizens. We are trying to make President Trump will realize that he is making a big mistake. Just because a little bit of muslims are doing it doesn’t mean that they are all muslims doing it. If you agree with this piece of writing please sign our petition to repeal this terrible refugee ban.

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