Get Channel 4 Hunted to pay Frank his prize

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Frank needs to be paid the “Hunted” final prize! 

The boys that made it to the end were all fit and healthy and it was clear that the hunters had no chance to catch them if it hadn’t been fabricated.

The extraction point was impossible to reach without being caught.

He should have won the money. He was at the right place at the right time! The helicopter could have been late 2min due to wind! What was he meant to do? Jump of the roof top?

I say channel 4 should pay him !

After all these boys have been trough in the show and in life I hope they are very proud of themselves like everyone watching was!!

Channel 4 seem to have choosen an extraction point that was pretty much impossible to reach without being caught and still he made it! 

He deserves to be paid after all he won ! 

Please also donate through the go fund me created to help the family