We want the NDIS that was promised!

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The Dignity Party fought long and hard for the NDIS, and for many it has made a welcome difference - but there are serious flaws in the way the scheme has been delivered and many are suffering.

These flaws include -

• Assessment processes that are complex, non-transparent, stressful and wasteful. They remove power from people with disabilities and their families.
• People are caught between the NDIS, health and education with Government Departments pointing the finger of responsibility at each other.
• While the NDIA bumble through lengthy review processes, people lie in their own waste waiting for care, go without critical equipment and are put at risk.
• The Centrelink-style delivery of the scheme does not match the philosophy of the NDIS - the last thing people need is more Centrelink!
• There have been awkward goal post changes on who is/is not eligible for the NDIS exposing political and bureaucratic ignorance on the topic of disability. Australians need confidence in our systems.

These are more than just ‘teething problems’. We don’t want apologies after people have died – we want the NDIS that was promised and your leadership to achieve this!

Dr B-J Price Dignity Party, Authorised by Mr Rick Neagle, President of Dignity Party, in collaboration with COPCAN - Coalition of Parents - Children Affected by the NDIS.