Prevent deportation of loving carer husband with chronically ill wife

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An Andover woman needs Parliaments help, after a series of errors from the Home Office means her husband will be deported back to the United States.

British-born Kerry Stewart, who suffers from Severe Fibromyalgia with Chronic depression, says her American husband Rob Martin was given seven days to leave the country, 19th November, as the Home Office claim he cannot retain his UK residency despite being her main carer.

The couple from Weyhill Road in Andover have contacted the office of Andover MP Kit Malthouse to see if he can help with their time-limited case.

To date they have spent over £10,000 making applications to the Home Office and face another £4,000 to appeal, informing the government department of their case. We understand that on numerous occasions the Home Office have either sent inaccurate responses, getting the duration of Mr Martin’s stay in the UK wrong, or failed to respond at all.

Mr Martin explained “On one occasion they told me to return to the US because I had been here one year, nine months and six days, in reality I had only been in the UK for five months which thier own paperwork confirmed, so we had to apply for an extension again.

Mr Martin says that the response was incorrectly sent and was for another person’s application. “We tried again, at our cost, but got no response.

“We have repeatedly had to apply for extensions. We’re now on the third attempt, but I’ve run out of time according to the UK government.”

The Home Office has said that Mr Martin, a former design engineer at NASA, must leave the country by Monday.  They claim he would have known that his stay in the UK would be time-limited.

The couple also say that they are in serious trouble as they have spent all their savings trying to get an accurate understanding from the Home Office. The couple state that they do not have enough money to fly Mr Martin back home and they will have to borrow the money from friends.

“I now have seven days to leave the UK. I cannot appeal from here, I have to appeal from states, so now I have to leave my wife. Kerry's illness means there are times she cannot get out of bed. She cannot climb the stairs and we have no bathroom downstairs. At times she cannot even wash herself let alone use the toilet.

“The Home Office say I must leave the country. If I fail to do this, I will be deported and will not be able to return.”

Mrs Stewart says, “One of the reasons that the Home Office has given why Rob can’t stay in the UK, despite him being my carer, is that my illness is not life-threatening even though it is severely life changing.”

The Home Office have suggested that Mrs Stewart, a former nurse, should be cared for by the NHS and her 2 young sons. “This will put increased pressure on the health service costing tens of thousands of pounds” says Mrs Stewart, “This is ridiculous as I have a loving husband who is willing to work, employ a carer and help look after me. He already has offers of work from top UK companies”.

The couple are seeking assistance from Mr Malthouse MP and anyone else who may be able to assist with their case.

Please sign this petition to help keep a loving couple together and at the same time save the already struggling NHS.