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One of our students, Mohammad Seddiqian, has recently had his asylum application rejected by the Home Office. Mohammad got in contact with us about this as he was worried what this would do in terms of his position as one of our SU Faculty Reps. As you're a member of our student community, we're asking YOU the students of past and present to help us by signing this petition.

All you need to do is tell us your first name, surname, course and year that you graduated in the comments, and then sign the petition. I hope this petition will be a demonstration of solidarity and support for Mohammad and his right to study and live in the UK. With enough pressure, I hope the Home Office can #LetMohammedStay.

**This petition has been put forward by Alisha Lobo, Community Officer at The SU, University of Bath**

About Mohammad: “My name is Mohammad Seddiqian and I am an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Currently, I am a student at University of Bath studying a MSc course in Medical Biosciences. I am passionate about science for its great potential in changing people’s life. Studying cancer has been my major interest for past few years. Among all cancer types, melanoma is what I would like to focus on in my future research as it is one the most dangerous type of skin cancer. My interest in studying melanoma lead me in chosing my project to be focused on studying melanocytes at early stages of differentiation and development in zebra fish. I am hoping I can apply the experience and knowledge, which I will gain from this project, in my future studies on finding a treatment for melanoma. I would like to do a PhD after masters. My future goal is to become a lecturer and a cancer researcher”

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