Rewrite and Reshoot Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 3: " The Long Night"

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The Chameleon started this petition to HBO and

Faithful fans,

sign this petition, not because HBO will actually give the world a do over (even though we really deserve one) but to acknowledge millions of us are watching the final season with unrequited loyalty. 

David and Daniel,

You are two of the smartest showrunners around. Seasons 1 through 6 were exceptional. Season 7 was mostly good. However, the writing was getting slippery  e.g. Little Finger's plot to sow discord between Arya and Sansa (and his subsequent death) in Season 7, Episode 6. This felt contrived. Season 8 should be the best of all seasons.

How could you f--k up the final season of the greatest adaptation in television history after making us wait nearly two years? 

You worked with some of the best writers in the business; the most amazing cast and crew who sacrificed their personal and professional lives to give the world this eight-year addiction. I'm mystified.

Millions around the world cursed their dark screens. No matter how the cinematographer tried to spin the reason, the episode was too dark. Lots of other battles have been filmed at night on other TV shows without turning off viewers  trying to keep track of the characters and what's going on. 

Why would you send defenseless people to the crypts knowing the Night King can raise any corpse and skeletal remains?  

They could've been sent East or West of Winterfell to hide until the battle was over. There was still time to do this. 

No one's okay with your decision to kill Ghost after keeping our favorite Direwolf off screen for too long. About Sam, the show's truest friend. Why did you send him to the Citadel if nothing he learned could be used to help beat the White Walkers? He even took a few books from the library. It also wasn't lost on viewers that noticed most of the beloved characters evaded (somehow) swarms of the dead at every turn including Sam. 

Bran wasn't the bad ass Three Eyed Raven they set him up to be. You established a foolhardy plan to use him as bait for what? Since you introduced the Night King's purpose quite late in the series and didn't explain that clearly enough, it would've been satisfying to see Bran use his multi-powers to fight back. Was the old Three Eyed Raven's death in vain? Hodor's? Meera's? and Jojen's? They lost their lives to save him. Where did Bran go after warging into the ravens and saw the Night King approaching Winterfell? There's a major battle afoot and Bran's in a trance. Then Theon left Bran unprotected. His death wasn't the smartest way to go after showing us how resilient he was under Ramsey Bolton's cruelty.      

Who in their GOT damn mind preferred Arya killing the Night King versus  palpitating as Jon battled his nemesis from Hardhome?

Maybe she could've helped Jon fight the Night King (that actually would've been cool to watch) but Arya being "the character" responsible for his death?-- no way! If Melisandre's prophecy to Arya in Season 3, Episode 6 about "blue eyes" shutting forever was pointing to the Night King...then that was a creative misstep too. I agree with this statement from a die-hard fan: "But you don't subvert his hero's journey (Jon) by replacing it with a different, less expected hero's journey (Arya)." Yeah. Basically you made a creative choice to ruin the hero and possibly the future King of Westeros.  

I could imagine the Night King surrounded by the reanimated dead who await their orders to kill Jon. But they watch, like the viewers as hero and foe battle to the death. A battered Jon/Aegon emerges victorious. Being the true heir to the throne, he would be pressured by his family and other houses to counter Daenary's desire to rule Westeros-- even if he were to abdicate. 

What happened to Rhaegal? Dragons are such an important part of the show. You never showed Jon/Aegon start bonding with Rhaegal like Daenerys has with Drogon. It's only fair since he's a Targaryen and now a dragon rider. That's another creative misstep if we don't see Rhaegal in the last episodes. 

"The Chameleon"


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