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Flash Sentry Centered/Involved Story

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Ever since Flash Sentry came into the series at all, EqG or otherwise, he's been shown to be a decent character with a lot of potentials, but has otherwise been inhibited because the fandom hates him for a truly unfair reason: "He's a waifu stealer!" So what if he is?! That doesn't make him a bad guy, he's just a guy who met a girl and now they sort of date (in a way). The point being, he gets all this undeserved hate, and this undeveloped character in spite of the fact that he's a good person with a lot to offer if he'd just been given the chance.

But, it's never too late, so let's show the writers that the fandom isn't so petty that they'll hold back potential storylines for something as silly as a grudge against a "waifu stealer." It doesn't matter if it's a whole episode of MLP, or a Major Part in an EqG Movie, or just a Short or Two in The EqG Youtube Series; let's give Flash the opportunity he's been long overdue.

Let's give a character who deserves a chance to shine that very chance, after all, this show is called Friendship is Magic, and that means everyone deserves it, including Flash.

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