Kick IGas off Chat Moss

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IGas are currently licensed for Coal Bed Methane extraction and exploratory drilling for shale gas on their site off Barton Moss Road. - their operating license is due for renewal on 30th June this year.

We, the people of Irlam, Cadishead, Barton and surrounding areas believe that IGas should be given the red card from Chat Moss.

We believe that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is an unsafe technology that poses a serious and unnecessary risk to wildlife and people.

We believe that the series of earth tremors in Blackpool as a direct result of fracking is a serious and frightening risk that we should not be subject to.

We believe that shale gas extraction in the UK would lock the next generation into dependency on fossil fuels. We believe that we need to act now and urgently to invest in green renewables, polluting fossil fuels should not be our legacy.

Further, the original decision notice for the site made clear that if IGas was to cease operations for a period of 18 months or more, then the site should be restored to it's original state. IGas have been inactive on the site since 2014.

For the reasons above, we, the people who believe in the protection of our environment, wildlife and Chat Moss urge government to give IGas the boot.

They are not welcome in our community.



Condition 12 of the Decision Notice states:

These [restoration works] shall provide for the complete restoration of the site no longer than 25 years from the date of commencement of the development, or within 18 months of the cessation of the production test phase (when a decision has been taken to abandon the wells), whichever is the sooner.  Where site activity ceases the developer shall provide written confirmation of the site's status to the Local Planning Authority on request, and where that status is that the production test phase has ceased and the wells are being abandoned then the requirement to restore the site shall be triggered.