Greenwich Maritime Museum charging Brighton Black History4 images

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Currently the Royal Maritime Museum (RMM) at Greenwich are insisting that Brighton and Hove Black History pay them £50 per image to use images of enslaved Africans for  use in an educational video about Thomas Highflyer, an enslaved African boy who lived in Brighton in the 1870s. We wish to make a film about Thomas' life to be distributed for free in Brighton schools to teach our children about local history in Brighton and Hove. These are for images we believe RMM were able to  purchase with the help of a heritage lottery grant (ie public money) . We are a tiny community group run by volunteers mostly from an Afro-Carribean background and do this work on a voluntary basis. Why should our community group be asked to pay for these images to be used in a such a clearly educational/not for profit basis?  I quote our illustrious Black History chair Mr Ebou Touray:  

" i find this whole issue a little bit disturbing as we are a voluntary organisation, all of us working as volunteers to help to spread a more cohesive community through learning and sharing, and we are caught up in a complex and shambolic adminstrative tangle where we are having to pay for our own history.These images are of our fore fathers and mothers and i think we have all rights to them when and where we want them.Our people have been enslaved and we are trying to build bridges and yet still the system is trying to make more money out of slavery in a more civilised way, when will it ever end. I feel very frustrated as an African and to be honest its an insult"

 PLEASE SIGN if you would like to add your support for Brighton and Hove Black History in requesting that the Royal  Martime Museum at Greenwich reconsider their attitude to MAKING BLACK PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR DOCUMENTING THEIR OWN HISTORY OF ENSLAVEMENT AND if you would like RMM to reconsider  the way The way they  interact with disapora community groups who wish to access their archives.

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