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TamilNadu government should implement Total Plastic Ban . Say NO to plastic!

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Karnataka Government successfully implemented total ban on plastic around March 2016. Today, from supermarkets to eateries, everyone has switched over to more eco-friendly alternatives. At times, awareness about health and environmental hazards alone is not enough to bring about the much desired change.  Plastic bags, disposable plastic items, etc are everywhere, from bottles, bags, disposable straws and spoons to even plastic dolls and toys. People will continue to use them because it is convenient. They often resist change. Fear of breaking the law and paying heavy fine is what forced the masses to make the switch! And today, they are thankful for the change because global warming, pollution, death of millions of marine animals every year or even news about cows found in India with kilos of plastic in their stomach, are problems that can no longer be ignored. We need to act now. 

Chennai city alone generates around 429 tonnes of plastic waste a day and is second only to Delhi's 689 tonnes. If our neighboring state can do it, why can't we ?And why can't the rest of the Nation? To date, more than 40 countries and municipalities around the world have instituted plastic bag bans. The United Nations Environmental Programme Secretariat has recommended a ban on all plastic bags globally.

Plastic is costly to pay for and to cleanup after - it is not easy to recycle plastic. Plastic is harmful to wildlife, marine life and human health. Plastic is made of non-renewable resources, pollutes our land and water and contributes to climate change. There are better alternatives available in the market now - they are as convenient to use and will certainly become easily available at affordable prices if there is a demand for them.

This is our planet, our future and it is our responsibility to protect it - not destroy it. 

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