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John was brutally abused, assaulted, humiliated and inhumanely shamed by those who are supposed to protect and serve our nation. John suffered with mental illness and was not posing any threat or harm to society, or to the six police officers who attacked him. They went against, morale, conduct and everything the Australian Police Force should stand for. They violated an innocent and vulnerable member of society in an appalling act of spineless bullying and power-play. 

They caused John both verbal and physical injury that will haunt him for time to come. What these police officers did to John is assault, battery, brutality, intimidation, and a violation of his rights and liberties. 

If any other member of society beat, abused and humiliated another person, or police officer, they would be jailed and publicly shamed for their behaviour. They would most definitely lose their jobs and would be stood down immediately from any Government position. 

There is no question based on the footage that is publicly available, that these police officers breached every conduct and abused all of their power. 

WHY haven't they been stood down? These men do not deserve to be on the streets and within our communities in uniform, representing a body that is supposed to protect us. 

Police officers are human beings and just like all of us, they make mistakes. This was not a mistake, it was a cruel and chilling depiction of what should not be happening, but does. 'Mistakes' and actions like this are never acceptable, especially when the perpetrators are the police. 

It will not be until these men are stood down and a comprehensive investigation is undertaken that John will get the justice he so rightfully deserves, and the answers that Australia need to move on from this horrifying incident. These officers need to be held accountable and charged accordingly for their actions. 


Lets get rid of the bad eggs throughout the Australian Police Forces - #JusticeforJohn and have your say.