Give Sabika a high profile award for her services for Education, Women and Cultural Peace.

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Sabika Sheikh went to America as an exchange student as a youth ambassador of Pakistan through YES Program. She went there because she wanted to do something for the world. She wanted to know American culture and wanted them to know Pakistan's culture. She wanted to show them the real and positive image of Pakistanis and Muslims, who are badly misunderstood and labelled as 'oppressive' and 'terrorists'. She wanted to show them that Pakistanis are loving and caring and we believe she succeeded very well in doing that. She wanted Pakistan and America to shake hands, be united, live peacefully and flourish. She wanted to join the Foreign Services in future and work for her country, Pakistan. She wanted to improve the life of women. She was extremely kind and generous. Extraordinarily genius and talented. She wanted to make an impact in the world and sacrificed her life doing that. She was a girl with high ambitions and was really focused on what she had planned. Government of Pakistan  and United Nations Organizations should give Martyred Sabika Aziz Sheikh a high profile award for her services.