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Check of Heplo Stem Cell Transplant on Thallessemic children's.

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In India  experimental Heplo Stem Cell transplant doctors are performing on small innocent children' because of the same small Thallessemic children's are dying like animals .we lost our child also,  Jaipur based doctor use to convinence parents like us that HSCT is having success ratio of 90% and above and use to trap parents we to find better life of our children' use to get trapped actually this type of transplant is only an only 50 percent success it' proven , it can be verified from Hospitals were ever it' getting done .We had undergone transplant by Dr Satynder Katewa at Jaipur Manipal Hospital , Rajasthan , India .According to assessent of ours more than 25 to 30 children's died in last two years under this doctors and same hospital just because of this particular experimental treatment .Doctors use to misguided parents about cost also when ever any parents come into touch with them they use to tell cost as 15 lacks to 20 lacks but actully which is being instructd by doctor to hospital and they care is extremely higher from 60 lacks to several crores .This treatment is not advisable in case of Thallessemia world wide only on cancer patients it' advisable just because of extremely high mortality .Doctor Satynder Katewa misguided and trap parents expressing high success ratio which is confusing parents and they are loosing there beloved lively children'. Totally fraud is going on at Jaipur by doctor Satynder Katewa , it should be invistegated how they all are doing so and is this treatment had been approved by Health Ministry Govt of India .Such high killings are going on if it is not stopped right now several more children's will die just facing experiment for doctor experience ...due to night cost involved now a day several hospitals had started the same and same death ratio is there also .Request to help us we have written to PMO/ Health Ministry of India too reply is awaited , we had filled RTI also for clarification on this particular treatment .

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