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Saving the Failing Ghana Movie Industry

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August 17, 2017

Dear All,


To the family of the Ghana movie Industry, right down from the producer to the welfare manager, all stakeholders and avid Ghanaian movie fans, we write this letter with the hope that we as an industry and its followers, with clear understanding and UNITY, pull our resources and passion together to make the intent of this letter manifest for the good of all of us. Many of us in the industry will agree that “the industry” has been suffering and still suffering with its consistency, it being lack of productions, factions, and ultimately, lack of support and patriotism for the Craft.

We have heard some of our own, on countless occasions, slamming the industry for its decline with the favourite word “Ghana Movie Industry is dead”. It is quite disturbing to hear these words being uttered when asked about our industry, a once well structured industry with lots of entertainment to give, can not and will not be abandoned for it to be ruined.

Our plea, as personnel of the UNITED GHANAIAN FILMMAKERS, is for all movie industry players.

Producers,directors,actors,actresses,costume,makeup,light,sound,continuity,welfare,PM's,location managers right down to the errand boy, Avid Ghanaian movie watchers,stakeholders and investors, to come together collectively to show support for this petition. As the saying goes, TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK, with unity we believe that we can get an audience and help from the right people and the Government.

We aim to get audience from the Government and private investors, we aim to present a petition to the president and the minister of tourism,Arts and Culture, citing our difficulties facing us in the industry, we want to bring Unity to all industry players, we aim to uplift the Ghana Movie Industry again for the better, thus by making sure, allocating special funds for producers, right payment structures for all involved in the industry especially the thespians, royalties and its right disbursement, local content being the major viewers choice on our networks, Allocation of cinema halls in major (5)regions across the country,in doing so, jobs will be created, we will showcase the Country and its rich culture all over the country and to the world, to promote tourism the right way to bring in investors to our Nation, all this and more can be done if we unite as one people in the industry and make our voices heard.

We therefore would like to engage and plead to all Ghana Movie Industry players, its fans and stake holders, to join us by signing this petition, we would need as many signatures as possible to enable us get our petition to its right destination. This is for all to take part, Movie lovers, bloggers, civil workers and all who believe that The Ghana movie industry can rise up to its expectations and make our fellow country man and women proud. UNITY is KEY, and TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.

Thank you for your time and God bless our Homeland Ghana.


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