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Raise door supervisors&all SIA badge holders wages above £15 per hour through out the UK

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The role of a door supervisor is to protect the people that want to go out for a good time and to deal with challenging situations. A door supervisor of today are putting their lives at risk by having to deal with concealed weapons, broken bottles used as weapons and a lot more!

A door supervisors wages 10+ years ago was £10 per hour and today you'll be lucky enough to get £10 per hour but it ranges from £7.50-£10 per hour! This needs to change to a minimum of £15 per hour. To be working for a extra £2.50 above the national minimum wage to have to deal with what they do is disgusting!

They also have to factor in the cost of being a door supervisor:

SIA badge - £220 (3 year licence) trousers -£10, white shirt £10, black shirt £10, waistcoat £15, ties £5, head/ear pieces for radios £20, shoes £15. When these door supervisors have to escort someone out or have to break up a fight everything in that list apart from the badge can get ruined so therefore needs to be replaced just another reason for their wages to be increased.

Please share this to all door supervisors and to their families that hold their breath every time they step out the door to work in the hope they never get 'that' phone call!!

Get signing 10,000 signatures will get a response from goverment and 100,000 signatures means it'll be debated in parliament!

I am a wife of a door supervisor and dread the weekends in case I get 'that' call.


I have changed this to cover all those that have a SIA badge. The reason for this is because I honestly didn't expect this petition to gain as much support as it has done. 

Thank you to all those that have shown their support and have signed this petition. Please keep sharing and signing.

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