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Get Hohoe Municipal Hospital an Ambulance

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Hohoe Municipal Hospital (HMH): This is where I am currently for Community Health rotation as part of acquiring my MBcHB degree from UG-SMD. It is so well planned a hospital that you can walk there whiles it's raining without getting wet. This hospital is the main referral centre for the Hohoe municipality. You can say it's the only hospital, such that when you get missing, board a taxi and just say Hospital they'll bring you here. However there are health centres and CHPS compounds here too. I do not want to bore you explaining the administration these other health outlets.
This beautiful ediface and actually the entire Hohoe health directorate lacks so many things as compared to what we enjoy in Accra. To confirm enteric fever what we commonly call typhoid, you need to do a stool culture mainly but they're unable to do that. Diagnosis and treatment is made using Widal test which is only a screening tool.
Another and notable challenge of this hospital is that they have NO AMBULANCE. Actually there is no ambulance serving the entire Hohoe Municipal Assembly. 
On Friday,17/11/2017, the district director of health services(DDHS) and the disease control officer, personally sent myself and my colleague Nii Yebuah Swatson to see some Health centres and CHPS compounds as part of our study. We were at the Fodome Ahor health centre when a woman rushed in with her child who had just fitted, mouth foaming with saliva, unresponsive and was all flaccid in the mothers arms. The DDHS quickly attended to and stabilised the child but told the mum the child needs further care and treatment and hence had to be sent to HMH since it appears to be severe malaria. Due to scarcity of cars plying these roads, the DDHS had to let the woman go home and prepare so he transports the woman and her 3year old child back to the hospital. The woman is also a nursing mother. We sped on the way( some in very deplorable states) in order to get there in time only for the old car we were using to get overheated but it was quickly resolved and we got to HMH for this woman to receive treatment for the son. This story may have been different if it were another day. She may never have gone to the hospital considering the distance and child would have developed complications from the malaria.
There are a lot of challenges facing the Municipality, i wouldn't be able to enumerate it all here. 
Social media they say has power to effect change. There are a lot of hospitals mostly outside Accra facing similar problems and more. This is my report from Hohoe. 
I'll not add the usual T&Cs like share to 15 people if you want a blessing tomorrow. Rather use your platform to get this message across till those who have the power to provide for the health facility see it and are compelled to action! I have used my social media power, it's your turn.
Want a place to show your philantropic nature this Christmas, call the Hohoe Municipal Hospital Superintendent and he'll assist you with a list of things they need to provide quality healthcare.
Let social media work for HOHOE MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL(HMH) and all the inhabitants of Hohoe... Thanks for supporting..


Peter Taylor (Student, UGMS)


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