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Troy  has been suffering the negative effects of  child abuse his whole life. The long term effects of child abuse can be viewed in the link below

Please read Troy's childhood upbringing that was written in his own words. Once you have read the document, please vote for his justice. Note that Troy cannot afford the legal services he needs to seek out justice for the wrongdoings done to him. Please assist, any donation is deeply appreciated!

My name is Troy milonas. I am writing this letter because ive been suffering and in order to end the suffering, I need be silent no more because keeping it to myself is killing me. My Doctor said i've had post traumatic stress disorder since i was a child. When i was 8 My parents moved the familly away to Kamloops British Columbia. I was a young entrepreneur. I mowed lawns, shoveled drive ways, chopped wood, walked neighborhood peoples dogs did  yard work i went to school and baby sat 2  yunger kids for short while after school and helped my elderly neighbour Margarette with yard work i went to school I did all of this in order to get things my parents felt i didnt deserve like reebok shoes because kids at school teased me i dressed like i was on welfare my parents both work for RCMP and it was the 80s no reason for me to be dressed down as i was. my parent always compared there child hood to mine like i deserved no more then what they had but that did not extend tomy half sister Tammy whom was spoiled.I believe i was hurt by the fact that my mother would allow me to be treated less than but the truth is that i believe my mother secretly sees me as a broken part of her marriage to my father because she never protected me from my extremely violent step father. 


She let him call me fee fee and tapet because i had long hair. He often hit me with objects he would always preach and teach lessons exercising his authority when really it was chronic abuse disguised as authority. I have always been a good boy.My life was shattered by age 11 that's the age when I made a resume on my moms comadore 64 I borrowed a suit from my step dad's closet and began to look for work at gas stations and stuff on my lunch hours from school but I was unsuccessful in finding employment so I began to runaway to escape my terrorist step father . At age 13 got arrested for petty crime i stole citrennela candles from a garden center my step father made sure i wascharged and with the worst posible charge part of his master plan i spent 93 days inprisoned for that crime.My stepfather when i look back now he is a psycopath who prayed on me as a child alot of the acts comited towards me and the power abused against me as a child was beyond emoral ive spend most of my life in a downward spiral wanting nothing but a normal life made imposible by paul milonas who had no buisness being a disiplinary figure in my life because he only ever resorted to violece and his famouse end frase to my mother was you better get rid of that kid before hes big enough to hurt me back because that will be on you carole that was said daily in that home they all blamed me when I WAS JUST A CHILD REACTING TO BEING ABUSED there needs to be an inquiry on how they managed to get away with half of what they have oh of course the badge has protected him.I need to know how and why this man was able to abused and terrorize me phisicly and psycologicly and force me from my home ive even he abused his power as a cop to lock me away at 13 with murderers and i didnt understand then why so many murderers were i was I find out now that in the 90s 13 year olds didnt go to jail for much less than murder i stole citronella candles a cry for help also believe that my step father deliberatly sabotaged my life because i was very smart i believe he was intimadated by that aswell as i knew his secrets alot of witch could get h`im in trouble so he destroyed me and my credibility in order to save himself what he didnt understand he was my dad i loved hime even though he beet me and i always protected them they were my parents but i think hes realy crazy, kids say things like i hate you they dont mean it but he was scared because of all the torment that i would retaliate but thats not who i am ive never hurt my parents but my stepfather has made a good effort to destroy me. i was framed by the police which is his most recent attact ottawa police framed me for a crime i know he's behind it because why else would a cop put his career on the line. 31 years Paul Milonas has been terrorizing me directly for over 30 years his reing of terror must be stopped. Things done that I believe would be considered abuse.

#1/Being hit with belts and other odjects


#2/Using police takedown tactics as disapline

#3/forsably confining me by locking me in my room

#4/paul would get angry and charge like a bull grabig my shirt or ears forhead to mine backing me to the wall

#5/also had my arms twisted behind my back like cops do

#6/paul also used his handcuffs on me the first time we still lived in templeton so I was under 8 years old

#7/paul would abuse me with his athaurity it was abuse disguised as authority


#8/This is the most damaging i think every time he was done beating me he turned to my mother and said you better get rid of that kid before he is big enough to hurt me back... or it will be on you Carole.

#9/when i was 11 i was arguing with my sister and Paul was alone with us that day. i believe we interrupted one of his Steven Segal movies and I remember Paul grabbed me by the back of my shirt, dragged me to the side of the house and picked me up by the throat and said thats my daughter dont you ever fuck with her... everything went black i woke up in my bed my head was pounding and my neck and jaw hurt and the words my daughter ringing in my head.That night i confronted my mother about why he'd say that and she began to tell me that Paul 

is my step father thats when my life really took a turn i almost immediatly went to my mothers  comadore 64 using the print shop program I wrote a resume and began looking for employment on my lunch hours from school. I was unsuccessful in finding employment, I believe due to my age. I began running away and getting into trouble hoping that someone would save me but Paul worked for the local Police, I tried to press charges and Paul's partner Bruno Sacomani brought me to a room by myself and threatened me. He said that if I ever chargred my step dad, they would send me to boot camp for eighteen months that program is an eighteen month intense program that my parents always threatened me with.

#10/ my school records read as a text book child abuse case but my parents always blamed me and having A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder). Well I've read a lot on children with A.D.D. and they tend to be sensitive so to have a bully living in the house that the child can't escapte leands to running away and often end up dead or in prison.   As for my mother, she is the laziest human I have ever met even too lazy to visit her grand children and too lazy to protect me or get me help that I needed. She is even too lazy to smoke outside when grandchildren are in the home. When I was approximately 22, I was approached by a woman in Walmart South Keys, she asked me if my name was Troy. I said "yes", she said she was an old friend of  my mothers. She asked me how life was and I told her I suffer from depression and had spent most of my childhood in prison. She got weepy and began to cry a bit. She informed me that my mother was afraid to be alone and knew that if she left Paul she would have to go back to work  and support two kids and that I was an easier sacrafice at that time I was on a lot of drugs so I wasn't affected as much I guess I should have been. It wasn't until 2010 when I got on the methadone program which allowed me to carry out a normal life, I began to feel the hurt and pain from my past. My mind started to clear up and tried to unravel why I turned to drugs in the first place. As it turns out my doctor believes that I've had post traumatic stress disorder since I was very young. I told him I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder when I was like 9 and place on ritalin. I remember feeling like I was on crack all the time. I began smoking pot to calm my nerves. Another doctor told me later in life that I was likely miss diagnosed because the symptoms of A.D.H.D. are close to P.T.S.D.. My parents probably neglected to tell the doctor that Paul was abusing me and using corporal punishment on me so naturally. I was always blamed for everything.   #11/ I would also consider Paul's overall attitude to be negative and abusive. I often had to endure lectures about people that he's arrested and he'd compare me to them. Also, he;d go on and on about how judges are the biggest deadbeats in society because he arrests criminals and the judges let them out because he violated their rights. His belief that he should be cop, judge and jury because only his oppinion matters. He is a classic sociopath that I believes his way is the only way. My life has been a constant battle of P.T.S.D., depression, anxiety etc. I don't understand why I've never gotten helped. I know my parents were charged at one point. My step dad threatened to sue and they dropped the charges. He basically flexed his authoirty and people let him continue his reign of terror. Now I vividly remember that once the charges were dropped I was forced to go back to my abusive home. Several days after I returned, Paul acting like he wanted to mend the relationship with me asked if I wanted to go hunting. He said that he would let me carry the .22 for goose and he the .308  carbine for deer. Well, we walk about three hours into the woods and I came across some wild fesant, I aimed and shot click the gun was empty. As I turned, Paul was behind me. My belief is that he planned to kill me... I don't know but I do know that there was no reason for him to walk me into the woods with an unloaded .22. I freaked and demanded to go home. Needless to say I was afraid of going home as well.


(unedited text below)



also at one point stole a pink floyd tape from zellers I spent 18 days in the cell block at pauls work then i was sent to IAU in Burnaby B.C.

for 30 days then sentaced to 45 days 15 of those days were spent at PGYCC a super jail for youth in prince george.Till this day he is still making trouble for me he has friends in police

everywhere.several years ago my parents house was broken into next thing i know ottawa police charge me with a fabricated crime witch they admited in court so was aquited but ive been 

suffering from agoraphobia eversince im afraid to leave my home withough a witness at all times because im afraid to be framed again.

In conclusion ive read many documents that show that as a society were aware of the effect abuse has on children so why is it so hard to get justice these people that abuse children and 

then are aloud to go on with there lives as if nothing ever happened meanwhile the victims suffer alone ive told the police  numerous times but nothing has ever been done i feel the only way 

ill get justce is to take it in my own hands that why im writing this i will exaust all legal paths but i feal the deck is stacked agaist me as it has my whole life because of his powerful

position in the police.My mother recently sent me a link on people with adhd in horder to say that its my fault but it says clearly in #5 that if you mistreated or abuse a child when theyre hyper

you risk screwing that child in a big way i underlined and set it back i havent heard from her since.shes always blamed me for my problems it has nothing to do with having a monmster for a step dad

growing up in that house there was to classes my mom sis and stepfather treated each other in one maner and i was treated  and disaplined equaly to fammily pet oh exept if my sisters dog need couple

thousand dollar opperation it got it.I asked my mother for grosseries she replied cand you go to a food bank.


I have never fealt like i was a real part of theyre family they treated me like i was broken and i was good boy very sensitive loving and hard working people that know me well dicribe me as a 

people pleaser i worked very hard on pleasing and empressing the man i called my dad it never work he was never happy with me.Example at about age 12 my dad had severasl cords of fire wood delivered

when he returned home from work i had cleaned up the poop mowed the lawn and choped the wood and stacked it. he got home he was already inraged about something so i triyed to cheer him up by showing 

him that i had done my chores plus choped all the wood stacked and tarped it he lost it because i touched the ax he never cared before but as usual i got the brunt of his anger.















#10/Carol you better get rid of that kid before hes big enough to hit me back cause if he does its on you Carol



Things started well i was supposed to start school at royal ottawa hospital to recieve help but my step mother had other plans

one day when my dad Roy McIntyre was at work my step mom June began complaining about my Fathers IMPOTANCE and acting friendly

towards me. she flirted with me she got me very aroused then my dad came home.On march 22/1995 i awoke to her performing oral sex on me

she also stuck her finger in me.I was shocked scared but aroused she began coming to my bed daily having unprotected sexual intercourse with me

this went on for aprox 18 months but after only 2 weeks my dad was already suspicious he left moved out.So me and june caried on as a couple

for aprox 18 months she had a job as a costodian in a daycare center on st joseph blvd. in orleans whitch i helped do the more heavy work 

like the garbage and vacuming the stairs day i looked out the window and saw what i believed was my step dads truck so i went across

and sure enough it was his truck i went in theres my mom sis and paul i asked what they were doing here and how come i wasnt told

as it turns out they had been in ottawa for almost a year I inqure more as it turns out they were granted a tranfer on compationate grounds to

be closer to me but yet failed to contact me boy i felt used as usual.One day the roof begane to leak

June and I went to Builders warehouse on innes rd we asked a guy about repairing the roof he said he knew a guy that would give a deal

that hes going threw a devorce and needed the buisness well June called this Ernest Gautier (roofer)him and i repaired the roof

yhen he ends up stayin for dinner after i went out with friendsi returned late to find June having intercourse wityh the roofer

i snaped he left and so did i for the night i wanted to kill myself.The next day i went to school as usual after walking the streets all 

night.I took the driving sevice home when i got there June told me to pack keep in mind im still only just turned 15 she said cops were on route I asked 

why she sais for stealing her work money this concerned me because i was the day before she had given it all to the boss and she always talied

and wrote the totals on brown industrial paper towel so when the O.P.P. arived she told them i stole lots of money i asked wheres the paper towel 

with the totals and dates she said i was lying so in a panic i grabed the garbage can and dumped it on the kitchen floor

booya there it was the total was like 4 dollars so she told the cop i just had to go.I ended up in Jeff Walker group home i was put in orian house

with all the violent kids.while i was there i notice Jeff spoiled several of the kids i had asked if i could go shoping for i needed  clothes

at one point Jeff told me hed put a request it took weeks.I asked why some of the others goty to go shoping with jeff almost every weekend

Jeff said"BECAUSE THEYRE SPECIAL LITTLE DEVILS WINK"I left abruptly to my room feeling very uncomfertable i asked a couple of the other kids

if jeff was a diddler no one would answer me later that night while i was asleep someone hit me in the face with a lock in a sock injuring me and 

traumatizing me .I felt like someone didnt like the questions i was one got introuble its almost as if nothing hapened so i started to run

away and sleep else ware because i didnt feel safe there.One day i came home to shower and change my clothes the staff informed me that my bed was given away

and that i was kicked out i was only 15 i wasnt old enough for walfare or shelters so i begane looking for a place i only had 150 dollars I met a landlord

at 191/193 st. Andrews his name was Joe he lived across the street the room was 325$ he said i could work of the rest by cleanig ect..that night he came in while i was 

asleep stated fandleing me i woke up and hit him he was much bigger and overpowered me he beet me badly but i didnt get raped that night.

Ive lived on my own ever since i had to suport myself by doing crime when i was 16 i got caught for something and was sentaced to open custody I awol d while on the run i desided 

to try to get a job I applied at JDS fitel and i got the job i was suposed to start next day but was arrested because my girlfriends brother rated me out every one that was hired 

with me that day was given stockin the company aparently they all became millionares.Just my luck needless to say my life has always been of poor Quality because i was abused alot and

had major emotional issues and everyone that should have been there for me, ither abused me or dint wanna be bothered.Today I Take my life back I Vow to try to

every legal way to give me back my life saftey and liberity back.


bring these perpatrators to JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










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