Oppose Fonia Oil, Inc. Proposed Gas Station in East Garfield Park at 2748-50 West Madison.

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We, the undersigned residents affected by the requested zoning for a Special Use and Variation under the terms of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance for the property located at 2748-50 West Madison Street by Fonia Oil, Inc. and the Owner JBS 1 Property L.L.C., do hearby oppose the proposed Special Use and Variation at said location.

The proposed establishment of a gas station with three (3) gas pumps in an existing one-story retail building at the subject property is out of character with its surrounding area.  Should the proposed Special Use and change be approved, our community will be changed in many significant ways for the worse. 

For example:

  • We currently have several gas stations in East Garfield Park and do not require another as it will cause the community to lose our peaceful enjoyment and privacy to the noise, the fumes, stress and hassle, and danger.
  • As our community loses its sense of enclosure, it loses a fundamental appeal associated with any desirable communities, leading to an inevitable decline in property value.
  • Additional traffic due to the development will significantly exacerbate the existing congestion and traffic on the Madison and California intersections, especially during peak hours when it matters the most.
  • The increased traffic and changed traffic pattern will render this section of Madison and California where children walk to and from schools, pedestrian unfriendly or even hostile, unsafe for local residents, either walking or driving.
  • A gas station at the proposed location will most likely draw heavy traffic, especially from other communities, causing unwanted congregations, conducive to drugs, violence and crime, therefore threatening the safety of our children.
  • The gas station will pose a hazard to our environment and health as is well established of any gas stations adjacent to residential areas.
  • While the detriments to us are severe and obvious, there is no justification beyond self-interest of Fonia Oil, Inc. and JBS 1 Property L.L.C.  The service provided by the proposed Fonia Oil, Inc. gas station is neither unique nor needed, as evidenced by the abundance of similar businesses in close proximity. The harms it causes are neither necessary nor reasonable for residents of the local community.

We submit to the Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of Chicago that this is a radical zoning adjustment request. It is inappropriate, and is harmful to the local residents. We trust that the Board will consider all the detriments this request will cause to the residents directly and immediately affected as well as its negative impact to the East Garfield Park Community of Chicago in the long run, and act in accordance with the City’s Retail land use plan and the spirit of zoning laws / regulations and best practice.

We trust The Board to deny the proposed development of a gas station in our family community in East Garfield Park at the intersections of Madison and California, and we thank you for supporting the concerns of the residents in the community.

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