Fiona Onasanya: Resign as an MP and call a by-election!

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Fiona Onasanya, the Member of Parliament for Peterborough has had the whip withdrawn from the Labour Party and now sits as an independent.

Fiona was accused of colluding with her brother Festus after her car was clocked going 41mph in a 30mph zone in the village of Thorney, near Peterborough.

The MP for Peterborough was texting as well as speeding on the evening of Monday 24 July last year, during the summer Commons recess, the Old Bailey heard.

Prosecutor David Jeremy QC told the jury she went on to lie "persistently and deliberately" to avoid prosecution.

The people of Peterborough deserve a say over who represents them - and whether they want to be represented by a criminal.

Fiona Onasanya should resign and a by-election should be called.