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Approve Umbilical Cord Stem Cell treatment for Jacob Gallegos in California

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Jacob Gallegos has lived his 32 years of life with a debilitating and deadly disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a common progressive genetic disorder, which causes aggressive deterioration of the muscles. Patients with this disease typically do not live past the age of 27. Jacob is a fighter but he needs your help.

Jacob relies on a tracheostomy tube for breathing and a G.I. tube for eating and fluids. He is not able to drink water or any beverage at this point. He dreams of being able to swallow again one day and enjoy a glass of ice cold water as well as regain the use of his arms. He can only move his fingers and toes. As the disease progresses he won't be able to use his fingers which will leave little hope of connecting to friends on social media or creating his digital artwork. These are the final freedoms he has left in life.  

There is a treatment available that has proven to extend the life and quality of life for those granted the right to have this treatment. There have been two DMD patients who have had umbilical cord-derived stem cell treatment for this disease in the United States, Ryan Benton, and the latest patient, a 6 year old boy. Both patients travelled to Panama for the initial treatments, as there are laws restricting adult stem cell therapy in the United States. The FDA has approved subsequent treatments to be administered in the United States, but only for these two patients.

Ryan Benton's condition has stabilized and he has suffered no adverse side effects. His prognosis has gone from critical to stable. His quality of life has improved greatly, gaining weight and muscle control back.

Jacob cannot travel to Panama to receive this treatment and without it, his prognosis is very poor. His condition is critical and it's imperative that he begin some form of treatment as soon as possible. Imagine what it would be like to be a cancer patient, and the treatment needed was available, but only for two patients, leaving you only one outcome and that is to die. Jacob deserves to live! Jacob deserves treatment!

Tell the FDA to make this treatment available for Jacob, in California.

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