FBI Called For In Case Of Missing Military Veteran, Kenneth Lamont Melvin

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I am asking for the FBI to take over the investigation in the Kenneth Lamont Melvin missing person case that is surrounded by poor communication, lack of initiative, poor communication, inconsistencies, inaccuracies and what seems to be lack of proper investigation and investigation strategies.

Kenneth Lamont Melvin is a military veteran who suffers from a mental impairment. On June 15, 2016, Kenneth was discharged and seen leaving from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The Fayetteville Police Department states, he was last seen June 16, 2016 requesting a background check to access a bed at local homeless shelter in the downtown Fayetteville area.  A witness stated that he did return to access a bed but no beds were available.

A private investigator was hired by the family and many friends, coworkers, associates and acquaintances were interviewed.  From those interviews, a few persons of interest were identified as possible links to Kenneth’s.  Although there are witness statements referencing threats to Kenneth’s life, the Fayetteville Police Department has yet to conduct a polygraph test with persons of interest or spoken with all acquaintances. Fayetteville Police Department has had casual conversations with some individuals but not all.   

It has been mentioned by the Fayetteville Police Department Detective that this case is a normal case of an adult that does not want to be found.  That statement has been the core driver in their sloppy investigation of the case.  There has been no sense of urgency, not proactive and poor communication to myself or anyone in the Melvin family.

In December 2016, I contacted NAMUS to ensure Kenneth was listed in both their missing person and unidentifiable databases.  (NAMUS was never mentioned by the Fayetteville Police Department nor any other resources for that matter) As part of this process, DNA from a family member must be provided.  Fayetteville Police Department did not request DNA kit from NAMUS until February 2017.  Two months had past.  DNA was provided to Fayetteville Police Department in March and FEDEX’d to NAMUS. The next day, the Fayetteville Police Department communicated to me that NAMUS returned the DNA sample and indicated that there was no more funding to process the DNA sample resulting in the DNA sample being placed in the Fayetteville Police Department’s Evidence Room.   Funding is not expecting to return until October 2017, if then.  My family’s only option at this point in getting the DNA sample placed with NAMUS is to have his case transferred to the FBI.

This is vital for a few reasons:

If my brother is mentally impaired to the point that he can no longer remember his name, he could be identified
If my brother is in any state as an identifiable person it allows NAMUS to be able to match DNA for identification
We need fresh eyes on this case with a clear investigation plan and strategy
Since November 2016, the Fayetteville Police Department has yet to:

Conduct Polygraph with certain key individuals
Review Private Investigator’s interview notes
Reach out to State Bureau of Investigation
Since May 27, 2017, the Fayetteville Police Department has yet to respond to:

Text messages
Phone call
I truly feel this investigation has been handled improperly and despite conversations with Internal Affairs and the Police Lieutenant indicating my displeasure, the investigation has only gotten worse. There is much more to this case than meets the eye and more that I can say about this case.  The FBI is needed to bring answers to questions and/or closure to myself and my family.

I ask that once you sign this petition that you also write a sincere letter to the FBI requesting their involvement in the mysterious 1-year old missing person case of my brother, Kenneth Lamont Melvin.

Charlotte Center 7915 Microsoft Way Charlotte, NC 28273 Phone: (704) 672-6100 Email: charlotte.fbi.gov Special Agent in Charge: John A Strong

PLEASE help our Family......You have the voice and the power to make a difference.

Thank You

George Melvin, Jr.





Fayetteville, NC 


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