Establish an independent Environmental Water Holder in NSW

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Water is life.

A recent announcement from the NSW Premier’s office that 15,000 mega litres of NSW environmental water would be sold to the irrigation industry came suddenly. There was no consultation with the relevant Environmental Water Advisory Groups that advise on the management of environmental water using the best science and local knowledge available. Was the health and resilience of the rivers and wetlands in these valleys properly reviewed before this hasty decision was made?

It is however, widely accepted that the 15,000 ML in question will be or has been purchased by the highest bidder, most likely large agribusiness concerns still riding the wave of record profits in the 2017/2018 water year. This contradicts a statement by the Premier that the water would “make that vital difference for farmers, allowing them to keep crops growing and stock alive.”

Rules about general security water licences create stability for all players in the game, it is a dangerous precedent to undermine these rules.



The Petition of citizens of the Murray-Darling Basin

Brings to the attention of the House the strong support from communities and tax payers who reside within the Murray-Darling Basin for the protection of publicly owned environmental water, and the upholding of rules pertaining to general security water holdings in line with the Water Act 2007 (Cwlth). 

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to establish an independent Environmental Water Holder in NSW.