Save Harlow’s Libraries!

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Conservative controlled Essex County Council want to close Tye Green and Mark Hall Libraries, but our libraries are the beating heart of our communities – providing everything from reading and learning, baby and toddler groups to computer access for those who need to go online to access benefits and employment resources. Libraries provide a safe, quiet place for local children to do their homework. In Harlow, they even offer ‘Write to Santa’ work shops.

Laura McAlpine, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow and the Villages said: “Growing up in Harlow, the libraries played such an important role in my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t have passed my GCSEs without access to the library computers. I also loved their book exchange and hiring videos for a £1!

“It’s appalling that Essex County Council’s report regarding our library closures, states that ‘because of relatively low demand, the availability of other services and considering the community served, a library service is not required in these locations.’ This is not reflective of the concerns of Tye Green and Mark Hall library users. They are outraged to hear of the potential closures of their libraries and they know they deserve better. We need to fight for our libraries, now more than ever. Harlow needs all of its libraries to remain open.”

This petition calls on Essex County Council to remove Tye Green and Mark Hall libraries  from their list of libraries ear marked for potential closure.