Stop Third Party Exclusives.

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Within the past few months, there has been many people complaining about Epic Game's exclusive third party titles such as Satisfactory but mainly Metro Exodus. Epic states that their store is meant to rival steam and make gaming better for the entire industry but this does not appear to be the case as gamers feel like they are being forced to use Epic Games rather than another platform that they would want to use in order to play these games. Thus, defeating the point of the store. As gamers, we have the right to chose what platform we want to use instead of being forced to use a platform that we do not like or want anything to do with.

Definition of Third Parties in the gaming industry.

Third Party in gaming "A Third-Party company is a video game company that is not owned by a company that makes a game console (Ex: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft). Therefore, they are free to make games for several different consoles. Notable 3rd party companies are Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco Bandai, and Sega." - Gamefaqs

Fortnite, Created by Epic Games, is an example of a first party program as it was made by the creators of the launcher. However, third party programs should not be exclusive to just the epic store alone for reasons previously mentioned.

False Advertising

There have been several cases where developers have promised their consumers that their game will be launched on Steam and have then been pulled from the store and moved to Epic Games (Likely because of the higher payment cut). The two main examples of this are again, Satisfactory and Metro Exodus which the devs of both of these games stated in some way that their game would be available to purchase on steam. Games on steam generally have a higher price tag than games on the epic store because of the added features that steam offers. The fact that these developers promised something for their consumers and they decided to switch to another platform at the last minuet is classified as false advertising.

A message to all gamers.

Please note this is not an attack against Epic but merely a demand that exclusivity should not be a thing especially in PC gaming which is why i ask everyone reading this to sign this petition in attempt to stop Epic's bad business practices.