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24TH October, 2017

The President of France
President Emmanuel Macron

@ Emmanuel Macron

Dear President Macron,

Congratulations on your most stunning victory at the last French elections on May 7, 2017.

My name is Talita Basson and I am a 21 year old girl, a university student from South Africa.

On the 24th of October 2017 a farmer was murdered in a small little town, Klapmuts, 20 kilometers from my home. That was the 72nd farmer this year.

My father was since my childhood, my hero, protector, doctor, my everything.
He is also a farmer, Mr President.

I attend the University of Stellenbosch and for me to get there, I need to drive through the little town where Joubert, the deceased farmer, was murdered.

On the 25th of October I wrote Maths and got into my car. I went to write my exam and on my journey back, I went past Joubert’s farm again.

Only this time, there was a convoy from his farm gate to the entrance of the town called Klapmuts. That is almost 2 kilometers. At first, I drove past, thinking that it has nothing to do with me, but I realized that something was wrong.

This could have been my own father. Só, I turned around and attended the hour of prayer held for Joubert’s family. A family that lost their hero. Joubert also had a daughter, Sir. She lost her everything at 13 years old. Her name is Jana. Someone took that privilege away from her. For what? Another senseless, brutal murder. A murder that broke my heart.

I went home after the prayer meeting and decided to start an event. My aim was to bring South Africa to a standstill. To shake a nation. A friend and I went to the police to arrange this as legally as possible. I never had the idea to go against the law.

We arranged an event that started with a prayer to God to send us help. To encourage our farmers that this will stop. The next step was to do a protest drive in convoy to Cape Town to express our displeasure of this senseless murder.

Sir, we had the vision that 2000 people would come to my event.

Eighteen thousand (18 000) people came.
18 000 people said ‘Enough is Enough’ (in Afrikaans it’s Genoeg is Genoeg).

You should’ve seen the pride in the people’s hearts. People from all races, colours and ages. Everyone with the same goal, to stop the genocide of South African farmers. The 18 000 was only at the event I organized, but all over South Africa people said that they’ve had enough. This was, indeed, a sign of a miracle. Nobody expected this in South Africa.

This was the beginning of an avalanche of protest.

A very ordinary pastor of a church in a Cape Town township, Louis Michael Green, was also attracted to my campaign, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and on the 26th of October 2017, encouraged by my boldness, he started an online petition on .

At first, when he started this petition, he had one signature, his own. He was aiming for a few hundred signatures for this petition at first when he started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, he decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. His petition now stands at 132,999 signatures – another demonstration of the power of God.

The signatures of 132,000 petitioners who signed the petition are citizens of the following countries: South Africa (all the 9 provinces), the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, Romania, Australia, Namibia, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, Nigeria, France, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Slovenia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Norway, Malaysia, Italy, Reunion, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Qatar, 4 Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Bahrain, Uganda, Kuwait, Zambia, Mali, Portugal, Austria, Botswana, Mozambique, Uruguay, Cyprus, Chili, Costa Rica, South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden, Greece, Thailand, Turkey, India, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Congo (DRC), Israel, Lesotho, Denmark, and so many others.

The huge response to his petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa.

The evidence of this can be found at:

Three weeks after our protest in Cape Town, the Mugabe regime was toppled in Zimbabwe, and the people danced with joy in the streets of South Africa and Zimbabwe. This must be God at work.

All of this happened during the time I was planning the BLACK MONDAY protest on the 30th of October, 2017. After the protest, Southern Africa was changed forever and it was the beginning of the end of the Zuma regime.

My next goal is to collect at least 5000 physical letters from South Africans to bring to you, Mr President in Paris, France; Letters explaining the horror that is happening in my country at the moment.

Our government, our President and his cabinet, are giving us the blind eye, Sir. We need your help, this is the reason for my petition with letters.

The letters will be written by South African citizens representing all races, creeds, colours and age groups, telling their stories as normal people that are directly or indirectly influenced by these horrible, senseless murders.

I will inform you when I have my 5,000 letters by South African petitioners. And once I have this, I am looking forward to your response to my request for a possible date when I and my delegation from South Africa could personally visit your office in Paris with a substantial amount of evidence to support this letter.

I trust you will consider my request favourable at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards

Talita Basson
Founder and Initiator of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND

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