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Call On Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez to Keep City's Sanctuary Status

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On Dec 3rd 2013, Resolution 1008-13 was submitted to the Miami Dade County Commission by County Attorney R.A. Cuevas Jr. asking for elected leadership to honor the spirit of sanctuary in Miami and to keep the city a place of cooperation and partnership between local authorities and citizens.

Today that is all changing. Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has ordered Miami Dade county jails to comply with federal immigration detention requests which would change the county’s position as a “sanctuary” for immigrants to comply with President Trump’s Executive Order. Stating that the loss of federal funds is too great a risk, the city of Miami is changing to become a community where citizens may eventually become less cooperative with authorities and who will be forced to live in fear.

President Trump’s Executive Order on refugees is not only fueling the pre-existing anti-refugee sentiment that’s plagued the country, it is also sparking a nationwide panic in cities that are currently considered “sanctuary cities”. Mayors are losing sight of the foundations of their communities and the culture and diversity that have made their cities American landmarks.

In 2013, when Resolution 1008-13 was first passed, it was done so out of rising concerns from citizens who feared they would be deported should they report crimes to local authorities, whether gang-related, domestic violence cases, or any other crimes being committed. The Resolution was meant to provide citizens a safety net wherein their concerns would be considered, without fear of consequence or punishment. EmergeUSA actively campaigned for Mayor Gimenez through both his terms, and worked to ensure his role as Mayor would foster acceptance, unity and cooperation throughout all levels of the community.

Cities like Miami are at the forefront of America’s commitment to freedom and liberty. Mayor Gimenez is playing into a divisive agenda that does not value the community or constituency he represents, or the country’s values as a nation of immigrants. Miami has always been a melting pot for the immigrant community and a place where people from all over the globe come to find sanctuary, bringing with them a little piece of where they came from.

EmergeUSA Florida urges all communities to stand against divisiveness and support Resolution 1008-13 to keep Miami a sanctuary city. Contact Mayor Gimenez to let him know his constituents oppose the Executive Order on immigration enforcement which does nothing to help build the city of Miami, and instead promotes the alienation of our own community members and divides our great city and state.

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