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Bring back SSX

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SSX holds a fond place in the hearts of gamers across the globe, and I express the desire of millions to see it return to consoles. We wouldn't want you to build on the 2012 iteration of the game, but rather look back and see what made this series so exciting in the first place.

The bright and bold visuals welcomed any player into the world of fast-paced arcade snowboarding action. Insane characters, death-defying tracks and one of the most fluid control systems in video gaming made SSX a smash hit on PS2, Xbox and Nintendo's Gamecube. Whether experienced by yourself or with friends, countless hours were spent on sofas worldwide, feeling immediately immersed in this alternate universe.

Now I understand the business reason for steering clear of this, as the most recent title on Xbox 360 and PS3 sold just over 900,000 copies in four years. The quintessential problem behind this was the Call of Duty-fication of pretty much every video game at the time. SSX is not meant to be a gritty game, but rather colourful and brash. 

So I ask of you, EA Games, even if it's just an HD remake of SSX Tricky in the online game console stores, please bring it back.

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