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Pass an Archaeological Ordinance in Savannah, Georgia

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The city of Savannah, Georgia currently has no city-wide archaeological ordinance, which means that anytime a construction project is undertaken in the city, irreplaceable archaeological resources are potentially being lost and destroyed. Savannah claims its deep ties to history and loves to share its stories of the past. Unfortunately, in the name of progress all too often that buried past gets overlooked and destroyed without the slightest consideration for what archaeology could add to the the story. The very foundation of what made this city what it is today is losing portions of its historic fabric every time a developer is given the green light to push through "progress" without being required to conduct proper archaeological investigations. It is time Savannah enacts a proper archaeological ordinance and enforces it. Where will the long term economic benefits be if we rip away the foundations of our city without ever knowing what remains of its past? Help preserve the archaeology that lies beneath the historic buildings and cobblestone streets of this beautiful city. Preserving Savannah's past will be the surest way to protect its future! Join us in encouraging the city and local legislators to develop a sound archaeological ordinance for Savannah.

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