Ban circumcision tools and kits from eBay Marketplace

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Everyday thousands of innocent, non-consenting boys are forcibly circumcised worldwide. This procedure is most often preformed in a formal medical setting or a hospital by individuals who have received professional training. Sadly, some people with no medical training decide to preform this themselves. This year alone in Italy, two babies have died while family members tried to preform this on them.

The eBay Inc. Marketplace is a place where people can buy the tools necessary to preform this. eBay Inc. is an International shopping giant that is making these tools available to ANYONE to purchase. Once a person has all the tools needed, they have the ability to harm a child and permanently damage their body that may require emergency medical care or even worse, cause the child to die. 

The British arm of online competitor Amazon received a similar complaint in 2017 regarding the sale of a Circumcision Training Kits through a third party seller on their marketplace. Amazon UK responded by removing these products 

eBay Inc, if you truly have the health and safety of children in mind, you will listen to this and remove these listings from your website.