Lounge Mode in Fifa 18

Lounge mode in FIFA was the dog's back in the day. With 3 goal handicaps, reducing your mates to 9 players or turning offsides off for your team, the mode added a level of humour to the FIFA brand and meant that even your most competitive mate Brad, who walked home if he lost 2-1 in Extra Time, couldn't take it too seriously. It also allowed a mini league between gamers so you could continue the frivolity on any given day. 

Sadly Lounge Mode was taken out of FIFA 12 and thus far hasn't returned to the fold, as FIFA has invested more time into new features such as The Journey and its ever-increasingly popular Ultimate Team.

However, the return of Lounge Mode wouldn't need much work, FIFA already had a good thing going and it wouldn't need many new additions to it. A couple of new handicaps, maybe an online option for those whose friends live further away could work, and I'd be the first to pre-order FIFA 18.

Come on EA, give lounge mode another spin.

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