Let's Make Bermuda's Roads Safer

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“How many more are going to die before we say it is a state of emergency? There are too many parents who are losing their sons and not enough is being done.” - Michael Weeks, a Bermudian father who lost his son to a bike crash.

Bermuda has some of the highest road death and injury rates in the developed world - the Drive for Change road safety campaign and campaign partners at A Piece of the Rock are pushing for three key solutions.


  • [Continued] effective implementation of roadside sobriety testing;
  • Effective speed control measures including cameras and;
  • An effective mandatory roads training programme for road users.

These solutions have been identified and are endorsed by road safety stakeholders. Drive for Change is supported by our campaign partners at A Piece of the Rock, as well as the Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Road Safety Council, CADA and 105 medical doctors so far. A paper version of this petition has collected 400 signatures since it recently launched. The Bermuda Hospitals Board also supports efforts to improve road safety.

These measures are proven to significantly reduce risk of death and injury in best practice jurisdictions. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel to implement them.


  •  In the ten years from 2008 to 2018, 118 people died on our roads (BDA population 65,000).
  • For every death there are about 200 injuries requiring ER treatment (2009-2015 based on Bermuda Hospitals Board data).
  • 1 in 5 people in Bermuda have been to the ER for road related injuries (2009-2015 based on Bermuda Hospitals Board data).
  • Bermuda is 37th highest out of 42 OECD countries for male mortality. (Health in Review study 2017, Ministry of Health)
  •  Black males in Bermuda are seven times as likely to die in a road crash than any other road user (2009-2015 based on Bermuda Hospitals Board data)


Since the launch of the campaign in January 2018, Bermuda has seen roadside sobriety checkpoints written into law. This was a major breakthrough for safety but it doesn’t end there. We now need speed control to calm our traffic and proper training to improve driving standards in Bermuda.

By signing this petition you will let our lawmakers know that this is the change you wish to see. Sign this petition (if you have not already on paper) and encourage as many people as you can to do the same. It could literally save lives.

A paper petition is also available at The Royal Gazette: 2 Par-la-ville Rd. Hamilton, BDA. If you have already signed the paper petition, you do not need to sign this electronic version.

If you have any questions about our objectives email: driveforchange@royalgazette.com

Reports and statistics are available on www.driveforchange.rg.bm under the Maps & Stats tab.