National Treasure 3!

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On November 19th 2004, we were first blessed with National Treasure. It was a cinematic marvel, a no holds bar extravaganza that opened our hearts to the wild adventures of Benjamin Gates and his zany sidekick Riley Poole. The premise, in it’s simplest form,  followed Ben and Riley as they embarked on a hunt to find the treasure of Knights Templar. I, like so many others was transformed by that film. It’s safe to say that afterwards, the world became a much brighter place.

Some time passed and in 2007 we were graced with National Treasure 2. A continuation in the illustrious franchise found Ben and Riley on a mission to clear the Gates family name. It was a different film, but nonetheless a worthy sequel. It cemented the National Treasure franchise forever as an artistic masterpiece. 

It is now 2018. The world dark, dampened by war and politics. We need a National Treasure 3. Imagine what hijinx Riley and Ben are up to? What adventures may we find them on? God! Think of all the jokes Riley has been stirring up over the years! Disney! let’s make National Treasure 3! Please. We all need it. 

This petition is based on a petition by Abe Franklin called "Speed Production on the film National Treasure 3':"